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Notes for Visiting Brethren

The Grand Lodge of Türkiye is in amity with 158 Grand Lodges around the world.


The address and telephone / fax numbers of the Freemasons’ Hall in Istanbul are as follows:



The Grand Lodge of Türkiye

Nur-u Ziya Sokak No.9

Beyoglu 34433 Istanbul

Tel : +90 212 251 2650

Fax : +90 212 249 4753

Visitors from jurisdictions in amity with the Grand Lodge of Türkiye are requested to present a clearance certificate issued or approved by their Grand Secretary, certifying that the bearer is in good standing.

The Grand Lodge of Türkiye is a single-ritual jurisdiction, working by the Turkish Ritual, which is largely based on the Modern Ritual of Scotland, but with several continental additions stemming from the French and Schröder Rites. Most of the lodges work in Turkish. The following list shows the lodges working in other languages, where a translation of the Turkish Ritual is practised.

English Speaking Lodges

  • Dikmen # 022, Ankara

  • Freedom  # 035, Istanbul

  • Ephesus  # 042, Izmir

  • Wisdom  # 233, Ankara

  • Mare Nostrum  # 249, Bodrum

  • Girne  # 1005, Kyrenia

French Speaking Lodges

  • Atlas  # 009, Istanbul

  • Prométhée  # 016, Izmir

  • Humanitas  # 033, Istanbul

German Speaking Lodge

  • Libertas  # 017, Istanbul

Greek Speaking Lodge

  • Hakikat  # 018, Istanbul

Italian  Speaking Lodge

  • Garibaldi # 260, Istanbul

Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Türkiye regularly meet twice a month (or on a fortnightly basis) except for months of July and August. Some of the lodges on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts work throughout the summer and take their recesses in winter. Most lodges are called for labour at 19:00 hours. Dress code for labours requires dark suit, black tie, white gloves and working regalia. Visiting brethren are provided with aprons.

During the labour of Turkish Constitution Lodges; the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Quran are all displayed on the altar.

As per regulations of the Constitution, lodges require from their members a minimum of one year wait in between degrees, compulsory attendance to labours, and a dissertation prior to passing and raising.

Term of office for the Lodge Officers and Grand Officers is two years. The Master and the Officers are elected in the first meeting of November of the odd years and are installed in December. Likewise, election and installation of the Grand Master and the Grand Officers are scheduled for odd years. They are elected and installed at the Grand Lodge Assembly which is held in May. To be eligible for election as the Master of a lodge, the candidate should have served a minimum of one term as either of the Wardens. The Master, Immediate Past Master and an elected representative are delegates of each lodge to the Annual Grand Lodge Assembly. Past Grand Masters and Past Grand Officers are ad vitam members of the Grand Lodge.

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