Message from the Grand Master

Freemasonry, which has been around the world for 300 years, is an "Institution of Brotherhood" based on the "Belief in a Supreme Being".

The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Turkey, whose members are composed of faithful, free, honest, enlightened and decent men without distinction of their religion, race, language, faith and status; is subject to the laws of our country and continue its work under the surveillance of the state like all the other associations in Turkey.

Members of our Grand Lodge are bound by the oath of allegiance to their state and their nation. They are law-abiding and patriotic citizens of the Republic of Turkey, believing in the independency, integrity, democracy and secularity of their country.

Our Grand Lodge immediately removes any of its members who carries out an inappropriate lifestyle for a Freemason or who is convicted of an infamous crime and above all, who is involved in acts against public order.

It is contrary to his own existential philosophy for a Freemason to engage in activities against legal and moral values. Freemasonry exalts human values, tolerates all kinds of personal opinions that are sincere and moral.

Freemasonry is an individual doctrine which makes philosophical studies on self-improvement and development and stays away from all kinds of political and religious debates.

Freemasonry never forces its members, as a whole or individually, to accept or express ideas or opinions on any issues. In the light of these principles every Freemason determines the path he will follow himself, using his own reason and conscience, thus searching his own Truth. 

We, the dignified and patriotic citizens of the Republic of Turkey, continue our efforts to become exemplary individuals, citizens and people, both in our professional lives and in our work under this roof.

Bülent Akkan

Grand Master