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Message from the Grand Master

Freemasonry is one of the most unique and speculated institutions throughout the world. An important reason for this curiosity is that freemasonry is not open to non-members. Thus, only the members can attend the meetings. It is a fact that non-members, as practiced in many non-governmental organizations, are not allowed to attend meetings even as guests, and that meetings are reserved only for members.


Another speculated fact about masonry is the secrets that it holds. It is true that Freemasonry has its own secrets. However, these secrets are about symbols and allegories related to the professional knowledge of the stonemasons who emerged as a professional society These secrets, which were kept with great care in history, lost their value due to the construction techniques developed with the industrial revolution in the XVII century and the importance of stonemasons gradually decreased. The information that is specified as “secret” has emerged from time to time in the books sold in second-hand booksellers. At the present time, everything can be reached over the internet. But one should keep in mind that especially in the digital environment, there is disparaged information, misinformation, disinformation as well as correct information.


For those who are curious about the real truth, our creed is that “Freemasons endeavor to achieve the establishment of fraternal bonds between all people of those who believe in the Almighty God and the immortality of the soul; We should also say that it is a structure established by people who want to devote themselves to the purposes of humanity, progressing in freedom and harmony, and to search for the truth. We also must mention that as all associations in Turkey, this institution is also registered by the Interior Ministry and is regularly audited and inspected by the government authorities.


Freemasonry accepts the necessity of a common human ideal for all people and for the realization of this ideal we devote ourselves to principles such as:


• Respect for human dignity.

• To work for the good of humanity.

• Freedom and moral responsibility of men.

• Equality of rights and duties of all people

• Respect for science.


Freemasonry accepts the freedom of conscience, freedom of belief and freedom of thought for the members. It chooses its members among the free, decent, honorable, and enlightened men within the framework of ancient traditions, regardless of religion, sect, race, language, belief and social status. Freemasonry does not embrace those who do not adhere to any faith or ideal. Freemasonry does not force anyone to become a member in any way and grants its members the liberty to leave Freemasonry whenever they desire.


Masons are committed to the principles of humanity and for their moral development they try to apply and disseminate:


• Symbols taken from the art of architecture.

• Mutual teaching about the best interests of humanity.

• Nurture provided by fraternal ties.


Masons, as freemasons and citizens, are obliged to obey the laws of their country and serve their country with honor. Every mason is loyal to his homeland. Protecting the benefits, independence and freedom, peace and order of its fatherland is considered as a sacred duty.



Grand Master

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